About Us

About Pack 69

Pack 69 is a unit in the Thunderbird District of the South Florida council.  Located in Redland, FL, Pack 69 received a charter in 1950 through its charter organization, Silver Palm United Methodist Church. 

The Pack serves grades 1st through 5th and draws boys from a variety of schools including Redland Elementary, Waterstone, Keysgate, Rainbow Christian, Air Base, and Chapman Elementary.  We are a Quality Unit, a designation for select Scouting units with a strong program, well-trained leaders and well-organized program that helps boys develop.  We are widely known for our rich history, and community contribution. 

Each year Pack 69 proudly participate in the City of Homestead's Veteran's Day Parade and the VFW Memorial Day Commemoration Ceremony.  Pack activities and traditions include:

  • Pack Camping - Fall, Winter and Spring campouts.  This is family camping where we enjoy the outdoors with games, nature hikes, great food and an evening campfire.
  • Pinewood Derby - You and your son work together to build a miniature gravity-powered face car, held in January.
  • Blue & Gold Banquet - A celebration of the birthday of Scouting with food, fun and the Feller's Cake Bake & Auction, held in February.
  • Space Derby - You and your son work together to build a miniature rubber band powered rocket, held in June.
  • Belt Loop University - They boys earn special awards for for achievement in various sports and academic subjects, held in July.
  • Raingutter Regatta - You and your son work together to build a miniature cub scout lung powered sail boat, held in August.
  • Caroling at one of the local community centers
  • Service projects that promote good citizenship and teach what it means to be part of a community
  • And much, much more! 

Membership typically consists of 50-60 enthusiastic and energetic boys who have been known to dominate Thunderbird District events when in response to a shout of "Pack!” answer a resounding chant of "Sixty-Nine!"